What’s going on?

Good question to ask any time. I don’t know, mostly. I’m an independent artist in the South West, making lots and lots of music and lots and lots of mess. I’m currently in the middle of ‘Moir’s Master Plan Pt 2’ where I release a load of music as often as I can. I put out an EP called “Wish You Were Here” and I’m now rolling out “Me and My Friends” – another EP I’m making with lots of very talented people.

I used to work in TV, so I’m a visual fella. I make loads of music videos to go with my music songs, so go check them out if you like.

I’m really grateful for your support, thanks for having a peep around my website, I love ya lots!

George x

For any enquiries, please contact the George Moir team at georgemoirmusic@gmail.com

George Moir